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Meet Gary Magnant, MS

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Gary Magnant is a Boston-based serial biotechnology entrepreneur with a successful track record of starting, building, and selling life science companies for more than 25 years. He conceived of and developed the Venture Engineering process and principles used by the Fund to manage portfolio company risks, build power-broker teams, and exit faster than Venture Capital funds. Gary is the brainchild and co-founder of several successful biotech companies, including Owl Scientific (acquired by ThermoFisher, NYSE: TMO), Sage Science (Beverly, MA), and Thrive Bioscience (Wakefield, MA). He was also a co-founder of two venture-backed startup companies, ActivBiotics (>$100M invested) and ThermoCeramix ($>10M invested), which failed under the Venture Capital model and drove much of Gary’s inspiration for a better early-stage investment model. Gary is currently interim CEO and Venture Engineer at TriBiotica, a Triple Sharp portfolio company. He is a former chairman and member of the Board of Trustees of Stoneridge Montessori (now Harborlight Montessori), and a recipient of the institution’s most prestigious community service award, The Hallowell Award. Gary is the inventor of numerous life science and advanced materials patents, including a patent issued in 2017 covering advanced cell and tissue culture systems.

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