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The Core Components of
Venture Engineering, an Evolved Venture Studio Model

Venture engineering is a journey that begins with the end in sight. By recognizing the common pitfalls of building ventures and aligning stakeholders, our model pre-empts many of the hazards, and positions the fund to deliver uncommonly reliable venture level return.

Venture Engineering Picks Game-Changing Technologies, Then Build Teams And De-Risk Them For Early Exits

Venture Engineering is an Evolved Venture Studio Model.

Venture Studio Companies
Have Been Shown to Produce:



Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 

Venture studio companies produce double the IRR as traditional startups (21.3%)


Total Value to Paid In (TVPI)

Venture studio companies produce three times the TVPI as traditional startups (1.57%)


Time from Zero to Series A (months)

Venture studio companies achieve milestones in about half the time as traditional startups (56 months)

Statistics from a GSSN survey of 258 startups created by studios. Read on.

Venture Capital Companies Fund, 

Venture Studio Companies Fund and Found,
Venture Engineering Companies Fund, Found, and Pre-plan Exits

“Studios are an outperforming asset class because they are able to buy ownership in a capital efficient way and are able to control the growth and scale through a dedicated bench of talent. Due to their high ownership and founding roles, we also believe that studios are less likely to be pushed down or washed out in the waterfall.”

Sarah Anderson, Cintrifuse

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