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The Core Components of Venture Engineering

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Identified acquirers


Every investment is made with 1 – 4 potential acquirers identified and deeply consulted to evaluate for a high acquisition appetite.

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Game-changing technology


Technology that can define an industry and has multiple avenues for revenue growth, so it is not limited by binary outcomes.

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Acquiring executives


Former executives from potential acquirers are joining portfolio company management teams for acute expertise and to guide acquisition efforts.



Coach toward exit

A coach that is trained by the VE Fund. They guide the CEO and team through the Venture Engineering process from inception to exit. Their job is to keep the team and stakeholders positively engaged in the venture engineering process and the resulting business plan that the VE process delivers. Each Navigator keeps their finger on the pulse of 2 to 4 portfolio companies.

Venture Engineer

Experienced Operator

Engaged for the first 6 - 18 months when a portfolio company is at its earliest stages. Their mission is to identify the most compelling market entry point; de-risk and optimize the technology platform, and build a team and stakeholder community from the most powerful and influential people in the target market. Each month they briefly and transparently report the company’s progress.

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