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Our Portfolio

Akston Biosciences Logo.png
Akston Biosciences is building upon its Fc-fusion drug platform to develop market-share-cornering new drugs and vaccines. Entering phase 3 clinical development in the EU and India is AKS-452, a potentially universal pandemic-ending COVID vaccine suitable for use the world over. Next year the company will begin clinical and business development of its human diabetes products, which include a possible cure for Type I Diabetes in children, and a market transforming smart, once-weekly insulin for Type 1 & 2 diabetics. The ultra-long-lasting insulins are already licensed for veterinary applications and are inlater stages of clinical development in dogs and cats.
Founder: Todd Zion
Levisense Logo.png
Levisense is creating and commercializing revolutionary medical beds that sense and control pressure and air flow for the prevention and treatment of bed sores. This new medical mattress technology that is expected to transform the high-end medical bedding market. The LeviSense SensorCell technology interrogates and controls thepatient-bed interface to prevent bed sores from forming, or to heal existing bed sores.
Nonexomics Logo.jpg
NonExomics is a computational biology-driven discoverer of nonexomic causes, treatments and cures for hundreds of rare and inherited diseases and numerous cancers. The nonexomic region of the human genome is barren of conventional genes and therefore has been believed to not be contributing to disease. NonExomics researchers discovered that mutations within this region are leading to the manufacture of proteins that appear to be causing or enhancing a host of rare and inherited diseases and cancers. These newly discovered proteins have never been drugged, and they may explain why a host of genetic disorders are incurable or of unknown etiology.
Cell IDx Logo.png
Cell IDx’s primary business is focused on the discovery and commercialization of biological and organic tools for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. Their initial entrants have been kits and reagents for the pathology slide-staining market. The kits are superior to current competitors in terms of performance, speed, and ease of use.
Neurodex Logo.jpg
NeuroDex accurately detects neurological diseases and provides monitoring through simple blood assays. Displaces painful cerebral spinal taps and brain biopsies. It has developed and is commercializing a technology to rapidly extract neurologically-derived exosomes from blood. Exosomes are made in large numbers by all human cells on a daily basis. Diseased cells emit exosomes that carry the signature of their disease. Thus, nearly all neurological diseases and disorders can be diagnosed and potentially treated
or cured by leveraging the NeuroDex technology. This new approach is rapidly beingadopted by pharma companies for clinical trials.
Adeptrix Logo.png
Adeptrix is commercializing a new technology for protein mass spectrometry called BAMS. Its consumable kits and reagents enhance the amount of information coming from targeted proteomics - enabling the development of high fidelity biomarkers.
Founder: Vladislav Bergo
Tribiotica Logo.png
TriBiotica is creating new tumor surface markers for immunotherapy. It is developing a new immunotherapy based on molecules called Haplomers. The Haplomers have been shown in culture to paint the surface of tumor cells with novel immunotherapy drugtargets.
Founder: James Kurnick
Twilight is developing a vaccine approach to Alzheimer’s and a number of neurodegenerative diseases.  Twilight is the first graduate of Formation VE's in-house research studio, FVE Foundry. 
Founder: FVE Foundry
Good for Oligo Foundry.jpg
Oligo Foundry has developed a faster, cheaper, more scalable, and greener technology to make oligonucleotides.  It has also developed a faster and cheaper technology to conjugate nucleic acids to antibodies and other proteins. Nucleic acid conjugations represent a rapidly growing business, especially in DNA sequencing, diagnostics and therapeutics. 
Founder: Jim Williams
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