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Game-changing technologies are too often lost in the noise.

Venture Engineering is a journey to discover their way out.

Our vision is to reduce human suffering while creating financial value for the benefit of the world.

We achieve this by nurturing nascent platform technologies in Life Sciences and engineering them toward identified, accelerated exits.

Venture engineering is a journey that begins with the end in sight. By recognizing the common pitfalls of building ventures and aligning stakeholders in a structure that pre-empts those pitfalls, it becomes positioned to deliver uncommonly reliable results.

By investing in and building around game-changing technologies; humble truth-seeking to discover return potential; operational excellence; helping build teams from industry power brokers; and aligning with acquirers for accelerated exits with momentum toward rapid scale, this method aims to deliver uncommon value for both the entrepreneur, investor, and world at large.

The Core Components of Venture Engineering


Identified acquirers


Every investment is made with 1 – 4 potential acquirers identified and deeply consulted to evaluate for a high acquisition appetite.


Game-changing technology


Technology that can define an industry and has multiple avenues for revenue growth, so it is not limited by binary outcomes.


Acquiring executives


Former executives from potential acquirers are joining portfolio company management teams for acute expertise and to guide acquisition efforts.

Formation Venture Engineering Logo Web R



Gary Magnant

Cofounder, General Partner


W. Adam Hill

Cofounder, General Partner

Ajay Verma
General Partner, CEO FVE Foundry

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